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Vibrating Air

Sound is something amazing. It can be used to communicate, or even to make people feel a specific emotion or recall something. The latter part is used heavily in the entertainment industry, as when telling a story, words alone can only carry one so far.

This is partly why I believe musicals are so successful, and more talked about than just regular stage shows. Not only is there a engaging story, but it is emphasized by musical numbers and (in some cases) visual effects to boot. Although, they do call them “musicals”  for a reason. Obviously the music is the focus…

Now, I spent most of this Sun. listening to soundtracks. Honestly, it’s not the best use of my time, but in listening to some of these pieces, I was reminded of when I first heard them, or experiences/situations that happened while listening to them previously. Disco Descent, from Crypt of the NecroDancer, is one of these pieces. I’m reminded not just that this is an excellent piece of music, but that in hearing this I’ve had great success and complete in-game failure.

Hearing the Jurassic Park theme brings me back to when I first saw the film about a year ago. The feeling of both awe at how well the effects aged, and worry as I somewhat knew what was coming came running back.

At this point I’m more or less rambling. But, the point should be clear. Music is among one of my favorite things. (Albeit the kind without lyrics mainly.) It can remind someone of something, or bring in specific emotions.

Try playing a game such as Portal 2 without the music. The only feeling you’ll get will be that which the visual environment gives.

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