I’m not really sure what to call this. Less than an hour away, 49 innocent people have lost their lives.

Well, more like 35 minutes or less. Either way, it’s a small world. Sure, the attacks in Paris were awful, but they didn’t hit me directly as it’s thousands of miles away.

This was a short distance away, in the middle of a town I’ve grown up near. One that is a tourist destination for nearly anyone on earth. Now, it’s the center of a terrorist attack.

Part of me isn’t sure what to say, but, I will say this:

People had gotten out of the nightclub and instantly posted to social media to alert that they were okay. I myself have no problem with this, but some of the content in those posts noted the locations of other survivors. You don’t think the shooter is going to be checking social media? His actions will be trending, and anything related to it will be as well.

So, the locations of these people were given not to just the world, but the killer as well. I have yet to hear if these kinds of posts actually led to others being injured or killed, but with the high toll, it’s not impossible.

My condolences to the families having to deal with the unthinkable. We’re here for you.