GFA: Rollerdrome

Rollerdrome logo text on blue-toned industrial background

In an alternate 2030 where computers never quite took off, but the visual styles and mechanical dreams of the 1970’s did; the world has been taken by storm with a thrilling bloodsport called Rollerdrome. Kara Hassan is this year’s rookie to watch, and she’s made it to the highest level of the competition.

The question is, will you be up to the challenge once placed into Kara’s skates?

Nintendo Switch: All You Need to Know

Have Fun Looking into the Past! Launching March 3rd, 2017. I hate to start off with a large negative, but the Switch will have a paid online system. Multiplayer will be free up until the fall of 2017. After that? Monthly subscription fees kick in for those who want to play their beloved games online with friends. Said service will act like their competitor’s with the addition of voice chat, the choice of one SNES or NES title with online functions per month and discounts on other products. More details to come. The console will have anywhere from 2.5 to 6.5 hours of battery life depending on what it’s being used for. Not unexpected, but better than what I had predicted. (3-4 Hours.) Region locking has been removed. This is a plus. Now one won’t have to purchase a whole new console from another region in order to play an unlocalized game. …