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No Man’s Sky Indeed

“‘The ancient teachers of this science,’ said he, ‘promised impossibilities, and performed nothing.. The modern masters promise very little…” 

That would be a line from Mary Shelly’s 1818 classic, Frankenstein. Even though the words are nearly two hundred years old, and refer to ancient and 17th century scientists, they ring true today.

No, not in terms of some major scientific revolution. More in terms of a major hypekill.

I speak of course of the truthfully named No Man’s Sky. The game that promised impossibilities, and yet performed nothing. Now, it’s lost 90% of it’s playerbase (as of Aug 29th, 2016) and has caused sellers to begin giving refunds left and right. Through all this, the Developer, Hello Games has remained silent.

To be honest, I’ve just been a spectator to this whole debacle. I figured I’d let the reviews come out for this title and then consider purchasing it. After being somewhat burned with two previous pre-orders I had no intention (or the funds) to do it again.

The release and large backlash of this title has all but solidified my chances of not pre-ordering anything anytime soon. I’ve already been burned by one title this year.

Are there those that like it? Yes. There certainly are, but the numbers don’t lie. It’s an incredibly small group.

Personal note here, but what on earth happened to cause this game to not have multiplayer? Considering how Steven Spielberg even went to Hello Game’s studio in order to get an idea for his upcoming Ready Player One film, it somewhat worries me about that as well…

One can only hope. No Man’s Sky has become a No Man’s Land.

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