Some may recall a time in their life when quarters were much more than just a piece of currency, they were a key into another world.

Whether it be a world with giant apes throwing barrels at you or one with ghosts chasing you through a maze. (When all you wanted was a good meal.)

Arcades were places where people could go to play games, compete with their friends for leaderboard positions, and just have fun. Now, they’re few and far in between. The home console market definitely led to their downfall, which makes sense.

Why drive to a specific location and spend money whenever you want to play a round of Street Fighter II when you can play it at home with your friends?

Well, nowadays even playing a game with a person in the same room is becoming more and more unusual. To the developers who have continued to allow us to do that, thank you.

To those who haven’t, think of the kind of society you’re pushing.

From what I understand, Ready Player One shows what this kind of a world might be like. I don’t want that, and I’m nearly sure I’m not alone.