I leave this simple as, well, today (6/29/16) was definitely an odd one.

I had plans, glorious plans to record a VO for a video.

But, things fell apart rather quickly. I woke up to be greeted by my younger sibling, which isn’t unusual, but what he said took me by surprise.

A previously arranged event with one of his friends had been adjusted. It would be taking place at our home instead of his friend’s.

This threw me, as I had expected a quiet home. My wish was not to be granted.

Instead of starting my day on a positive, my main goal for the day was taken away. The time up until this event was, well…. Uneventful. It went by without a hitch, but I wasn’t able to complete anything I had hoped to. One other appointment I had had to be cancelled as the other party’s device was not working correctly.

By the time 5 o’clock hit, I wasn’t feeling so good. Something I had ate, or the weather was messing with me. The day could just end and there would be no problems.

Or so I thought.

Flash forward 4 hours, to 9PM. A friend of mine accepted a gift. Namely, a game on Steam. I had been meaning to get this to him for awhile, as he deserved it. I finally got it off to him, and got into contact with him and the user who led to my Miiverse Boycott.

And from there, the day took a turn for the better.

Within the next three hours I received encouragement, help, and learned a few odd bits of trivia along the way. (Such as Peppy Hare’s Voice actor also being the crazed American “Soldier” in TF2!)

One simple gift caused this whole day to turn around in three hours.

Gifting is truthfully a beautiful thing.