I Tune, Do You?

iTunes. The software and store that killed the Record Star. Among several other things. With the most recent update, I myself am not so certain as to how much longer I’ll be using the program. I understand the purpose behind the shifts, but I do question how much thought went into these changes. Some of my albums contain several dozen pieces, and now, instead of a multiple column list, I have a large, single column to scroll through. Enough about my little gripes, my main concern is that my copy of iTunes is sentient, somewhat. I’m not writing one of those crazed “Sweden doesn’t exist” kind of things. It’s just that more times than I can count, the shuffle feature has somehow managed to time music to real world, unpredictable events. Or I think about a piece and it begins to play. Call it hidden Apple AI or (preferably) Divine …

No Man’s Sky Indeed

“‘The ancient teachers of this science,’ said he, ‘promised impossibilities, and performed nothing.. The modern masters promise very little…”  That would be a line from Mary Shelly’s 1818 classic, Frankenstein. Even though the words are nearly two hundred years old, and refer to ancient and 17th century scientists, they ring true today. No, not in terms of some major scientific revolution. More in terms of a major hypekill. I speak of course of the truthfully named No Man’s Sky. The game that promised impossibilities, and yet performed nothing. Now, it’s lost 90% of it’s playerbase (as of Aug 29th, 2016) and has caused sellers to begin giving refunds left and right. Through all this, the Developer, Hello Games has remained silent. To be honest, I’ve just been a spectator to this whole debacle. I figured I’d let the reviews come out for this title and then consider purchasing it. After being somewhat burned with …

I need a break.

Along with some time to rework and reset a few things with this site. Follow my Twitter for updates. I’ll be back before you know it!