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All Aboard

It’s been a long while since I’ve taken any form of public transport. My town has a local bus line, but that’s about it. I haven’t had any need for it though, as most everything is within basic driving distance.

However, Boston, MA isn’t. So, instead of taking a plane, we opted to go through a more, interesting mode of transport. Locomotive. 

Namely a line that goes from Miami to NYC, with a stop about once every hour. Along with constant alerts about Georgia and SC’s Dry State policies.

In all seriousness, nearly every 5 minutes for 20 minutes the conductor sent out an alert about the end of their sales for that day.

I guess they just had a lot in stock or something? Either way, it just began to become annoying.

…And somewhat humorous. I’d never think that I’d see a Beer Run on a train. (Several, actually.) 

Is there something wrong with me finding this funny when I’m well below drinking age?

Either way, the rest of the trip had a couple of weather slowdowns, a (surprisingly) palatable burger. 

Oh, not to mention a freezing cabin after midnight. Being under the AC wasn’t the best even with a blanket.

The next morning was really just the same-old-same-old trees-out-the-window-occasional-bump-in-the-track kind of thing. Nothing really worth noting.

Now, before I got off to transfer to another line, the cities of Philly , Baltimore and NYC’s Outskirts all came by. They all had one thing in common.

Large, red-brick buildings, completely abandoned and covered in graffiti tags. Quite a few of them had brick smokestacks as well. I actually lost count of how many there were. I’m thinking these were at their prime during the early 1900’s or so. 

Now they just sit as relics, slowly returning to dust. I just wish more people would take the time to respect the past. 

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