Welcome to my blog. My name’s Ian. Or, as one of my superiors called me, the iKim.

This is step one, or, more accurately, Post One. The first post on a blog that will contain personal reflections, notes, findings, gaming related content and the occasional survey for you, the reader to help me improve my content. In terms of a schedule, there will be at least one post a week, but possibly more. It all depends on what is happening to me currently.

I want this to be a blog where I not only post what I want to, but listen and respond to my followers as well.

Over the next few weeks, things are likely to change. This site will be getting some visual changes, links to my other forms of social media will come up and a subscription option will become available.

To those of you viewing this post around the time it went up, Thank You. The same goes for those viewing it long after it went up. You guys are the reason I’m here.