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record on turntable

The AT-LP60: A Budget Player to Love or Hate?

Audio-Technica’s LP-60 is a basic turntable often waylaid by audiophiles as a cheap piece of plastic junk. To me, the turntable was my introduction to the world of records (and a very burned wallet.) Nearly five years into owning one, what have I found to be beneficial or detrimental about it?
title screen of gunbrella

GFA: Gunbrella

Take a gun, shove it into an umbrella, and according to spy logic, you have the ultimate stylish weapon. Gunbrella takes that name, shoves it into a noir setting, and gives exactly what is promised: A umbrella containing a gun. As a bonus to this 2D platformer, it also makes the eponymous tool a highly capable movement option that is excellent to control for Mary-Poppins-Style use in combat.
Rollerdrome logo text on blue-toned industrial background

GFA: Rollerdrome

In an alternate 2030 where computers never quite took off, but the visual styles and mechanical dreams of the 1970’s did; the world has been taken by storm with a thrilling bloodsport called Rollerdrome. Kara Hassan is this year’s rookie to watch, and she’s made it to the highest level of the competition.

The question is, will you be up to the challenge once placed into Kara’s skates?