Propel Metalmouth

No, I’m not starting some punk metal garage band.

Something far less loud, brace for it though…


Braces! I got them!


…I’ll leave now.

Bad jokes aside, I want to talk about something that may disturb those sensitive to medical… things. Namely what the Propel treatment is and how it speeds up the process while wearing braces. If this kind of thing disturbs you, I’d advise skipping this post.


I myself had a few issues tracking down information as to what exactly Propel was, but considering that I’d only have my braces for about half the time I would normally, I went for it.

It simply screws your mouth. After applying both an external and internal painkiller, small holes are drilled into your jawbone right around the teeth. I didn’t feel anything save for a few swift shots of weak pain sometimes. However, my lips and tongue were numb for several hours and eventually my gums began to peel. The numbness was actually the worst part, as I couldn’t close my mouth correctly for (what felt like) the longest while.

Within 3 days, I was back to normal. Although during that time I was able to eat and brush in a more cautious way, as hitting one of the areas of intrusion would cause an unwanted bleed-out.


In short, a somewhat new surgical procedure will allow me to have these off (hopefully) by the end of 2017!

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