About Me

My name’s Ian. I’m a Korean/American Floridian who decided to put up a blog and series of videos over the summer of 2016 as a summer project..  My main interests are in technology, and gaming as well. If you can think of it being “nerdy” it’s more than likely I’ve at least heard of it.

I actually do enjoy long walks on the beach, for those of you curious.

From March 2014 to Jan 2016, I ran a public Minecraft server. It eventually became self sufficient, until I had to shut it down due to issues with the hosting company.

From then on, I’ve also acted as a freelance tech support for my school. Whatever class I’m in has tech support readily available.

In 2015, a musical themed after Sasquatch became a part of my resume. A few months later, in 2016 the Broadway show She Loves Me was added to the list. I have since done technical work for several other shows, including a rendition of Annie which had a grand total 65 cast members.

The University of Central Florida allowed me to do a summer internship in 2015. During that time, I ended up doing the Voiceover for the Online@UCF tutorials. The year afterwards they had me do not just the VO, but also the visual elements as well.

Around that same time, I picked up the hobby of taking apart electronic devices. My laptop, 3DS and a few controllers have all fallen under the screwdriver, to be completely fine afterwards. (And repaired if needed.)

Back in 2011, I took part in the SHINE conference with a group called AMTC. (Actors, Models and Talent for Christ.) I’ve done on/off photo shoots and film work since then.

Now, I’m here running courses, blogging and occasionally putting out videos. Enjoy the ride!


About this Blog

The subject of this blog, the iKim, will contain both my personal reflections and posts in relation to my upcoming videos. Anything and everything will show up here, as long as it is safe for all.


What else?

My YouTube Channel will have videos that mainly relate to Gaming based content. Reviews, notes, and a occasional livestream of some sort for those 13 and up. As of 7/22/17 I am not able to reliably do Twitch streams due to hardware limitations.

My YouTube Channel!

My Twitch (Livestream) Channel! (Currently Inactive/Under Construction)